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Bochum is situated in the center of the Ruhr Area, one of the largest industrial and metropolitan areas in Europe. During the past, the region has experienced the rise and fall of heavy industries. Once famous for its coal mines and steel industry, the appearance nowadays is governed by light industry, administration and many green spots. A large number of abandoned industrial facilities have been re-opened as museums, exhibition halls or event locations, which combine modern cultural events with the stunning atmosphere of former heavy industry. To the visitor, Bochum offers a bunch of activities as a visit to the German Mining museum or the theatre as well as relaxing in one of its parks. Furthermore, a large number of bars and restaurants are located in the city centre. In the vicinity of Bochum some of the most important monuments of the industrial culture in the Ruhr Area can be found, the most famous being the Zollverein mine in Essen or the Zollern mine in Dortmund. A view from the pit frame of the German Mining Museum still reveals the landmarks of the industrial past of the Ruhr Area. In contrast to this, the woods and parks that cover a large percentage of the city area will stand out as prominent.
© Stadt Bochum

© Stadt Bochum


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