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Conference Objectives

Computational methods and information models have experienced increasing application in the design and construction of underground infrastructure. Tunneling is characterized by a high degree of uncertainty and complex interactions between the tunneling process and its environment. In addition, new tunneling technologies and changing requirements for the construction of tunnels (e.g. larger diameters, tunneling in difficult ground conditions, safety concerns, life time prognoses) are constituting new challenges for adequate computational methods to be used for prognoses and decisions to be made in the design, construction, service and maintenance of tunnels. Information models and BIM concepts are increasingly used and combined with computational models for a seamless workflow in digital design and construction. These challenges need continuous research and new solutions in the field of information and computational modeling in tunneling.

Beyond advances in computational methods for the simulation of the advancement process and soil-structure interactions, logistics and construction processes of tunnels, and model-based lining designs also advances in applications of information modeling, advanced sensing technologies, machine learning methods, and big data analytics in tunneling and underground infrastructure will be topics of EURO:TUN 2021.

EURO:TUN 2021 is a follow-up conference after the four previous successful EURO:TUN organized as ECCOMAS Thematic conferences (2007 & 2017 in Austria; 2009 & 2013 in Germany). Like the previous conferences, EURO:TUN 2021 aims to provide a forum for scientists, developers and engineers to review and discuss novel research findings and to assess the suitability and robustness of advanced computational methods and information models for the design, construction and maintenance of tunnels.

Conference Topics

EURO:TUN 2021 will be concerned with innovative computational concepts and strategies for optimised design and construction of tunnels. Topics to be addressed are:
  • integration of computational and information models for tunnel planning and design,
  • modeling of machine-ground and soil-structure interaction,
  • numerical models for tunnel excavation, ground-tool interaction and face stability,
  • process and logistics simulation,
  • data driven modeling, machine learning, data mining, and expert systems in subsurface engineering,
  • model-based design of lining systems,
  • multi-phase and multi-scale models for soils and rocks and the temporary and permanent support in tunneling,
  • procedures for parameter identification, and methods of inverse analysis,
  • sensitivity analysis, uncertainty modeling and risk analysis,
  • other related topics.